The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic


Короткий перессказ книги The Light Fantastic. Sadly what the situation does not need is a singularly inept wizard, still recovering from the trauma of falling off the edge of the world. said Rincewind hopefully. He always held that panic was the best means of survival. said Twoflower. When the very fabric of time and space are about to be put through the wringer - in this instance by the imminent arrival of a very large and determinedly oncoming meteorite - circumstances require a very particular type of hero. Equally it does not need one well-meaning tourist and his luggage which has a mind of its own. Which is a shame because thats all there is... Panic? What shall we do?

Бурносов, Юрий Николаевич, Орехов, Василий Железный доктор

Феофанова О., Гурко Ю. Прогулки по детскому Петербургу. Карта-игра по Музейному кварталу

Fenix Полный курс развития дошкольника: внимание,память

Конан Дойл А. Шерлок Холмс при смерти

Об охоте. Сборник нормативных правовых актов.

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