Always in my Heart

Always in my Heart


Короткий перессказ книги Always in my Heart. When the Womens Timber Corps takes over the local estate, Sarah enlists as a lumberjill. They arrive in Cliffehaven, on the south coast of England, and here Sarah must find work to support them both. The long journey to England is fraught with danger, and Sarah and her sister Jane don’t even know if their great-aunt is alive, let alone waiting for them. As the Japanese begin their assault on Singapore, Sarah Fuller is forced to leave her parents and fiance, Philip, behind. But as time goes on and the news of events in Singapore worsen, Sarah fears she will never see Philip and her parents again...

Крижановский, Александр Феликсович Математические кружки. 5-7 кл.

История Наполеона I. В 2 томах (в одной книге)

Александр Кипчаков Терион. Сага о чести и долге

Джоансен А. Секрет Первой Леди

Dungeon: Early Years Set

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